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Complete DIY Installation Kits for Heat Recovery Ventilation

Now you can capture and reuse the heat/chill you’ve already paid for… using one of EnergyLabs’ DIY* complete and easy installation kits (*with the help of any licenced electrician).


EnergyLabs offers Complete Heat Recovery Ventilation Kits – making it easy for you to install (with no missing parts) and get your heat recovery ventilation system up and running:

For habitable floor areas of up to 70m2 choose the 2-units kit. For areas of up to 140m2 choose the 4-units kit, up to 210m2 choose the 6-units kit and up to 280m2 choose the 8-units kit.

Not sure and want expert help? Get our expert design service ($179), send us your house plans and we’ll prepare a custom design of your heat recovery ventilation system for best performance, including a detailed list of parts and complete with pricing.

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When do DIY Installation Kits make sense and why

Why is it easy to install?

You don’t need any ducts – you will get a few in-wall units which talk to each other and simultaneously extract stale air and supply fresh air into the room, while recovering as much energy as possible during the process.

Decentralised heat recovery ventilation solutions are ideal for retrofitting to existing buildings, or new buildings that have minimal ceiling or roof space available. This is because with a decentralised system there are no ducts to run – there are simply a few in-wall units which talk to each other and simultaneously extract stale air and supply fresh air into the room, while recovering as much energy as possible during the process.

How is the EnergyLabs’ Complete Heat Recovery Ventilation Kit different to standard ventilation?

There are two main types of ventilation systems in Australian buildings: extraction-only air systems and supply/extract air systems.

The simplest and cheapest method for ventilation is an extraction-only air system. This is the system you will recognise from almost all houses in Australia – unwanted air is removed via ducts from areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. But the air that is extracted and pushed out from the building must then be replaced somehow… and this replacement air from outside has traditionally just seeped its way into the building via the small openings and cracks around windows, doors, ceiling & roof, etc.

Now in theory this simple and cheap way works, but the air that is getting sucked into the house through all the openings and cracks is costing us money. In winter this air is cold, and therefore we have to pay to heat it up… and the same is true in summer – the air coming in is hot, and we have to pay to cool it down.

But unlike an extraction-air system, a supply/extract system first strips the unwanted extract air of its thermal energy, and then it transfers the majority of this energy to the fresh air that is being supplied into the building. And to achieve this a pair (or pairs) of decentralised heat recovery ventilation units can help you.

How does the whole EnergyLabs’ Complete Heat Recovery Ventilation Kit work? (and why it will save you money)

For example in winter the outside air may be 7°C, but inside your home it’s a comfortable 21°C. A simple extraction-only air system would exhaust to the outside 21°C air from your house, and then draw in 7°C air from outside… which can be uncomfortable for those inside, but most of all costs you money to heat up this cold air to 21°C again.

However, a supply/extract air system would in this situation extract the heat from the stale 21°C air first, and only then exhaust it at ~9°C. The fresh incoming cold air from outside would be at 7°C before it passes through the special crossflow heat exchanger, but then it’s supplied into your home at 19°C… meaning you don’t experience discomfort and you dramatically save on your heating bills, while having high quality (and filtered) fresh air supplied throughout your home.

It’s important to remember that heat recovery ventilation systems do not actively heat or cool your home – they only help you keep more of the energy you already have in your home while enjoying clean fresh air and minimising your energy bills. (Some HRV systems do however have night purge, which during summer allows you to pump out any warm air from inside your home, and replace it with cool night air)

When to get the EnergyLabs’ Complete Heat Recovery Ventilation Kit

  • For people that like that fresh and clean air in their homes 24hrs/day, 365days/yr (without having to manually oipen/close windows all the time)
  • When you want an energy efficient home that doesn’t waste energy (and you don’t want to pay for wasted energy either)
  • When you have an air-tight home that requires fresh air supply (to keep O2 levels right, and minimise CO2 and other pollutant build-up)
  • For people and families that suffer from asthma and allergies (the fresh air is filtered before it enters your home)
  • When you want to reduce the potential of mould and other pathogens (replacing the air within the building and reducing moisture build-up)


What else do I need to complete the installation? Apart from some screws, power, and some low voltage cabling between the units and controller, nothing extra is required, we send out a complete kit that can be installed immediately.

What is the warranty on the HRV unit and the system? Stiebel Eltron provides a 2-year warranty on all components supplied.

How do I know where to put the vents and install the different system parts? We offer a free design service with every purchase – just supply us with your building plans and we send you back the design.

What happens after I order the unit and pay? We will be in contact with you to confirm the order, delivery address and timeframe, system design (if required), and any other questions you may have.

How long until I receive my order, and is there a delivery fee? Within Australian state/territory capital cities delivery is free (excluding Darwin), and your order will usually arrive within 5 business days. For orders outside of capital cities, we offer a flat-rate fee of $200 for delivery.