Mould and Allergies: How to Protect Your Family’s Health

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Mould and Allergies: Protecting Your Family’s Health
If you have allergies or asthma in your family, then mould can be a major issue. It’s easy to ignore it, but the truth is that mould can cause serious health problems. So, how do you protect your family from mould and its associated allergies?

One of the best ways to avoid mould is to make sure that there’s no excess moisture in your home. Mould loves damp and dark places, so try to keep your home as dry as possible. Make sure there are no leaks in the roof or plumbing, and use a dehumidifier if necessary. Additionally, use fans or open windows to increase air circulation in damp areas like bathrooms and basements.

You should also clean regularly to make sure mould doesn’t have a chance to grow. Pay special attention to tile grout, door frames, window sills, carpets and curtains – these are all areas where mould often lurks. If you find any mould spots on walls or furniture, clean them with a solution of bleach and water (but be careful not to get it on any fabrics!).

Finally, consider investing in a hot water heat pump system for your home. Heat pumps are energy-efficient systems that extract heat from the environment and use it to heat up water for your showers and taps. This means that you won’t need to run hot water through pipes which can cause condensation – reducing the risk of mould growth in your home. Plus, because they’re so efficient at extracting heat from the environment they use up less energy than traditional hot water systems – saving you money on your energy bills too!

Mould allergies can be serious business – but if you take precautions like keeping your home dry and investing in an efficient hot water heat pump system then you can help keep your family safe from harm.

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