Mould and Humidity: Understanding the Connection and How to Control It

Written By EnergyLabs  |  Hot Water Heat Pumps 

Mould and humidity can be a real problem in the home. It can cause a range of nasty health issues, damage furniture and make your home look and smell unpleasant. Understanding the connection between mould and humidity, and how to control it, is key to keeping your home safe and healthy.

Mould needs two things to grow: moisture and warmth. It grows best when there’s plenty of moisture in the air – the higher the humidity, the greater the chance for mould growth. When you combine this with warm temperatures, then mould really starts to thrive. The warmer it is, the more likely it is that mould will start to form in places like bathrooms and kitchens – or even in areas like damp basements or attics which don’t get much ventilation.

The key to controlling mould is reducing humidity levels in your home. This can be done by improving ventilation, using dehumidifiers or even installing a hot water heat pump. Heat pumps work by taking heat from outside air, transferring it into hot water which can then be used for heating or hot water systems around your home. This helps to reduce energy costs as well as reduce humidity levels inside your home – making it less likely for mould to form.

Using a heat pump also helps reduce your workload as you don’t have to constantly run dehumidifiers or ventilators around the house. Not only that but they are also highly effective at cutting down on energy costs too – so you can save money while also keeping your home dry and free of mould growth!

Other simple measures you can take include checking for leaky pipes or taps (mould loves damp surfaces), opening windows on sunny days (this helps reduce indoor humidity), regularly cleaning bathrooms (especially bathtub seals) and wiping down kitchen surfaces after cooking (steam from boiling dishes increases indoor humidity).

It’s important to remember that if you do spot any signs of mould growing in your home, don’t ignore them! Take action quickly before it has chance to spread further or cause any health issues by following any of these tips above – especially installing a hot water heat pump if needed – so you can keep your home safe from this pesky problem for good!

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