What Are the Best Ways to Maximize the Life of a Compact Storage Hot Water Heater?

Most Australian households use compact storage hot water heaters to supply hot water to their homes. In order to make sure that your compact storage hot water heater is working efficiently and for as long as possible, there are a few key steps you can take to maximize its life. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.

1. Ensure that your compact storage hot water heater is properly ventilated. If it isn’t, then the built-up heat and pressure can cause damage over time and reduce its lifespan significantly. Be sure to check for any blockages or obstructions in the vents and clear them if necessary, and make sure that all vents are clear of any kind of debris or dirt.

2. Regularly flush out the tank of your compact storage hot water heater in order to remove any sediment build-up over time which can cause damage or blockages, leading to reduced efficiency or breakdowns. This is best done by a professional plumber who will be able to assess the tank and carry out any necessary repairs if needed.

3. Check the pressure relief valve regularly, as this could be a sign of excess pressure building up in the tank which can lead to overheating and damage over time if not addressed quickly enough. Make sure that you don’t open this valve yourself unless instructed by a professional plumber – they should be able to assess whether it needs replacing or not, as well as making sure that it’s functioning correctly before reinstalling it again afterwards.

4. Make sure you’re using the right temperature setting for your particular model of compact storage hot water heater – each model has different instructions for what temperature settings should be used, so make sure you follow these carefully in order to maximize efficiency and prevent damage from occurring due to excessive heat or usage outside recommended ranges for your model type.

5. Keep an eye on energy bills – if your energy bills have suddenly gone up, this could be a sign that something is wrong with your compact storage hot water heater such as blockages or inefficient functioning due to age or wear-and-tear which will need addressing sooner rather than later in order to prevent further damage occurring over time and reducing its lifespan significantly.

If you follow these steps then you should find that your compact storage hot water heater has a longer life than expected and continues functioning efficiently for years down the line!

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